View your data on flink

Easy to understand graphs

Even without exporting flink provides you with several ways to view your data. The statistics section of your dashboard includes an interactive chart that allows you to uncover your training efforts' underlying trends. By filtering out statistical noise you get a better look at the bigger picture. You can also customize the chart with advanced options.
It also shows the distribution of distance, time and pace for all your runs.
You can get quick insights by adding a filter, e.g. about the performance of a specific pair of shoes.

Preview your data with two table views

The summary view shows your runs with date, distance, moving time and pace. The run's name is linked to your Strava activity so you can view all details on Strava with one click. Think about using hashtags in you activities' names (like #fast, #tempo, #rain) so you can easily find them again by using flink's name filter.
The raw data view shows all data just as you will see them in your spreadsheet after exporting.