Frequently Asked Questions


I already use the flink web app, do I need to sign up for the iOS app again?

Yes, since the web app currently only authenticates users through Strava but the iOS app requires a flink pro account, you first have to sign up.

After signing up I'm asked to authorize with Strava again, why?

After creating the flink account, flink needs to associate your Strava account with the new flink account. If you aleady have used the web app, your accounts are merged in the process so all your Google Sheets etc. will be available in the app. Sometimes Strava's servers just request a third party app like flink to renew the authentification.

Charts and Dashboard

How can I see my virtual rides?

In the current version only the iOS app flink offers the option to include your virtual activities into your ride stats. You can toggle this in the "Activitities Selection" screen after choosing "Ride" as the activity type. Flink remembers this settings after switching to another activity type and apllies it to your widgets as well.

How can I see my running speed in mph or km/h instead of a pace?

In the "Activities Selection" screen the option to use pace for measuring your speed is activated by default. After switiching it off your dashboard, charts and widgets will use the appropriate speed for your measurements unit.

Can I switch between metric and imperial measurements?

Yes, in the "Activities Selection" screen you can select metric or imperial measurement units. After switiching the units your dashboard, charts and widgets will use the selected ones.


Why are my widgets not updating when I upload a new activity to Strava?

Unfortunately Strava's API will ping flink's servers with very different delays. It might be nearly real time, a few seconds or some minutes until the notification arrives at flink. The processing of your new activity is done on flink's servers in about 10 seconds and then made available on your app instantly and on the widgets at their next update. You can set up the update interval for the widgets in the "Activities Selection", however Apple doesn't allow shorter intervals than 15 minutes.


I have a great idea for a new feature, are you interested?

Sure! Flink was and is developed with a lot super useful of user input, so just drop me a mail at and I will get back to you asap.